User Guide

The Metrics and Access to Global Indices for Climate Projections (MAGIC) portal provides a quick and easy assessment of climate projections using well-established performance metrics. It allows the user to configure these criteria, apply them on selected CMIP5 model output and visualize results in the browser or download them onto your local machine.

Whom is this portal for?

This portal provides both metrics on model fidelity, targeted to climate scientists and meteorologists, as well as tailored products for different economic sectors, including insurances, agriculture, water management and sustainable energy.


  • To see pre-calculated quality indices of global circulation models, go to the Metrics & Diagnostics section and navigate to your metric of choice.
  • For cross-domain derived diagnostics, go to the Tailored Products page and select a diagnostic.
  • To re-evaluate a metric with customized parameters on a CMIP5 dataset, sign in with your BADC/CEDA OpenID and navigate to the metric of choice. Then click the Calculate metric button to enter the metric configuration page. Choose the configuration parameters and select the input dataset of the assessment tool, and the resulting processing job will be scheduled onto the JASMIN cluster and listed in your job list. Your job list and basket can be found on the [Calculate]( page.
  • For a simple exploration and visualization or download of CMIP-compliant GCM output, go to Explore Data and start browsing.


The MAGIC portal provides the functions as requested in the C3S tender “Global Climate Projections: Data Access, product generation and impact of front-line developments” (GCP).